Ey up! I’m Matt Chamberlain, a Yorkshire based illustrator.

Achieving a Falmouth Illustration Ma I have always been inspired by nature to a point where my house is full of weird and wonderful pets and plants. This passion has seeped into my illustration as I create visual communication to engage audiences with the environment.

My creative practice revolves around the influence of nature, the natural environment can be used to communicate anything. The traits and behaviour of nature can feed into different areas of illustration including editorial, publishing, design and advertising.

I’ve worked for my many great bands, creating T-shirts, event posters and album covers. I’ve also created greeting cards, editorial illustration, Book covers, custom personal commissions, Pet Portraits and more.

Noticeable clients: Huddersfield Town, Harper Collins, The Parish Venue, Elastic Waste, Northern Guitar, Mirfield Rotary Club and The Last Minute.